Stella Loewnich started drawing as soon as she was able to hold a brush. She grew up in a small town in Lower Saxony, Germany and as a child, she spent most of her free time drawing everything from flowers to faces to animals and developed an extraordinary sense for colours, shapes and proportions. When she was a teenager, the passion for Makeup and Hairstyling resulted out of it. 

 After she graduated from High School (Abitur) in 2010, specialising in languages and art, she went to Paris, France to master the french language and first came in contact with the world of fashion in "la ville de la mode", meeting photographers, designers and art directors.   

  When in 2011 she finally moved to Berlin, Germany, she felt that her passion for Makeup, Hairstyling and Fashion could no longer remain only a hobby but would become her career. She enrolled in a year-long Makeup and Hairstyling course and started out working for MAC Cosmetics, but is now freelancing based out of Berlin. She has gained experience in every field of Makeup Artistry but is now specializing in Print, Editorial and Commercial Work, Events and Private Client Work.